A Response To My “Hurt Locker” Inquiry

March 5, 2010

Note: This post contains spoilers about The Hurt Locker. If you haven’t seen the film and don’t like spoilers, I recommend not reading the post. But it’s up to you.

Tokyo Tom Baker partially answers an inquiry I had earlier concerning the use of Gears of War in The Hurt Locker, which can be found on my blog, but also over at Roger Ebert’s website here. He writes on his blog, and in his review of the film,

“The theme of seeking order amid chaos is also apparent in a scene in which a soldier named Eldridge (Brian Geraghty) tries to lose himself in a violent video game after making a shoot/don’t-shoot decision that cost a friend his life. In a video game, you get a second chance to shoot, and you can do it over and over until you get it right.”

My response after the jump.

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The Significance of Gears of War in The Hurt Locker

January 13, 2010

Note: Although I do not specifically spoil anything about the movie, I do allude to a specific scene in the film. For those perfectionists out there who need to see a film untainted by such discussions, I would advise you to see the movie before reading. If not, or if you’ve seen the movie, by all means, please keep reading.

I’m really taken by surprise that more people have not commented on the fact that Spec. Eldridge is playing the video game “Gears of War” in one scene of The Hurt Locker. I think that this should be further examined, yet I haven’t seen anything that even talks about it in the reviews I’ve read. I don’t know why that is (perhaps those reviewing the movie haven’t played the game), but I think it requires further examination. It was obviously intentional. Eldridge could be playing any game at all, and yet he’s playing what some consider to be the most realistic war game ever. Realistic in the way it portrays combat, and puts you in the middle of fire fights, scrambling to find cover and hiding behind any object possible in order to survive.

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