My name is Nathan Donarum, and I’m an amateur film critic and professional film junkie. I’ve loved movies for years, and had, for a long time, wanted to write my own reviews. I used to watch Ebert & Roeper every week, and then (and still do) browse Roger Ebert’s film reviews on his website. I eventually started discovering websites like Metacritic and Rotten Tomatoes, and I just got hooked on the whole idea of reviewing films. It just seemed like so much fun to me. I love watching movies, and I love talking about them, so it was natural that I would eventually be drawn to reviewing films myself.

Many of the reviews of older movies I’ve had in my head for a long time. Much of the time I’m just posting things I’ve already, in a way, written. Though even with that “advantage”, it’s sometimes difficult for me to get the words down on paper (so to speak).

I made this blog in the hopes that I could share my thoughts and opinions with others on various movies. I hope you all enjoy it, and if you do, please comment here and tell me what you think, or drop me an email. I’d love some feedback.

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A Small Explanation On My Ratings

Most of the movies I see are things I think I would like. I don’t like spending the little money I have (starving college student here) on going to see something like Freddy Got Fingered when I can see The Dark Knight instead. As a result, there’s probably going to be more positive than negative reviews here. But unfortunately for myself, I’m also very curious, and so I do see bad movies sometimes, as long as I don’t have to pay anything to see them. Writing movie reviews isn’t my job (yet?), and so it doesn’t require that I review every piece of drivel I see. I’m more inclined to write about movies that I thoroughly enjoyed.


An Explanation of My Star Rating System

I don’t really know how other critics come to their conclusion about star ratings, but for myself, it’s all about how much I enjoyed a film. That’s pretty much it. The more stars I award a movie, the more I enjoyed it. That doesn’t mean that a 4-star review means I think that movie is perfect. Far from it. A flawed film can garner 4 stars. I’m not using the star rating system as a test for the greatness of a film.

: I loved this movie and would highly, highly recommend it.

: I liked this movie a lot and would recommend it.

: I liked this movie. Though there are things that aren’t great, there’s enough good to recommend it.

: Though there are things I enjoyed about this movie, the negatives outweigh the positives.

: I just didn’t like this movie.

: I don’t think there’s much to redeem this movie at all.

: Even if I was drunk I couldn’t like this movie.

: I can’t imagine why the hell this movie got made at all.

: Contender for the worst movie of all time. Period.


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