Opening Up Again!

Ok, so I’m an indecisive person. I know that. But honestly, I can’t get away from my love of film. And I doubt I ever will. With the encouragement of all of my friends and family, I’ve decided to return to writing movie reviews, and perhaps more film commentary.

I have a movie radio show now, too, at my college, and that’s really pushed me into getting back into movies. I’m going to be diligently working on writing some new reviews to post here by the end of the week. I’ll try to have weekly updates with new reviews, too. Either that or just post them when I can. The point is, I’m gonna be working on this blog more often. I’ve already established it as a movie blog. I’m going to do more advertising for it, on my radio show and on Twitter. I really hope to have a fun time doing it.

Thanks to all the people who gave their thumbs up to whether I should review movies again.


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