Dumbing Down The Expectations On Watchmen

In this month’s issue of Rolling Stone, there’s a small snippet concerning Watchmen, titled ‘Watchmen Worry‘. To be blunt, the writer, a Mr. Brian Hiatt, does not paint a very positive picture for the outcome of the film (for its fans). He says that he saw a preview of the first 20 minutes of the movie, and his report?

“…It feels…as if Michael Bay had directed Moby Dick and kicked it off with a slow-mo man-on-whale duel.”

…Ouch! And,

“…it looks like the best parts o the movie come straight from the book, like a visually stunning sequence starring naked, blue-skinned, atomic-powered Dr. Manhattan. And the worst parts may well be everything else – especially since Snyder has admitted to altering the book’s apocalyptic ending.” (emphasis mine)

That sounds, quite frankly, fucked. Changed the ending? That just doesn’t sound right at all. To those of us who have read Watchmen, and have any kind of interest in comic books, it seems quite disgusting that Snyder would change the ending. In practically one fell-swoop, I have lost almost all of my excitement for the film.

Of course, I guess I have to wait and see what happens when the film actually gets released. Spider-Man had numerous changes. The Batman films have changed tons and tons of things. X-Men was butchered. And those were, by one measure or another, decent or better than decent. Yet it’s extremely important to make the note that Spider-Man, X-Men and Batman are all comic series and not a one-shot graphic novel. Watchmen has a clear beginning, middle and end. The others mentioned have existed within many different realities, universes, iterations, and whatever else one can think. Watchmen is simply as it was written and portrayed. No more. No less. Period.

Late Update: You can read the actual article I quoted right here.


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