I’ve been bad. I know. Horribly bad. Haven’t updated or written any reviews in a long time. I don’t know how often I’ll be updating in the coming month, either. To explain, let me just exit the realm of movies for a second.

I just arrived this morning at 4:00am in Joplin, Missouri, where I’ll be spending the next month working for the Obama campaign. Around two weeks ago, I moved from Vermont to Washington state. I’ve been all around, everywhere, with no real grounding, for weeks now. I have not abandoned the blog. I have not abandoned my goals. I’ve simply been cought up with life.

I’m going to try to post something every couple, or every few days. Maybe even little things daily. It’s all about whether I have enough time, etc. But I’m sure I will.

Again, huge apologies. My other passion besides movies is politics. As soon as the election is over, I’m sure I’ll switch into high-gear for The Oscars. Politics might very well take second stage. But it’s hard to ignore the importance of this election, and I can’t help but be deeply involved in it.


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