Oscars – The Dark Knight to get pre-Oscar re-release

Reuters is reporting that Warner Bros. is planning a January re-release of The Dark Knight in a push to get it nominated and perhaps win some Oscars.

Warner Bros. domestic distribution president Dan Fellman acknowledged ongoing talks with Imax execs over the prospect of restoring the Christian Bale starrer to some giant-screen venues in January. It’s uncertain if “Dark Knight” also will reappear in conventional venues at that point.

Though apparently, the plans are not finalized, and a wide re-release in conventional theaters looks doubtful, as the film is getting released on DVD in December. But even if a limited Imax re-release is done, it could generate some good momentum for the film.

This is also more evidence that The Dark Knight has better chances of getting nominated that some might think. I doubt Warner Bros. make this kind of push if it didn’t believe it had merit.

For more information on The Dark Knight‘s chances, see my previous post on the subject.


One Response to Oscars – The Dark Knight to get pre-Oscar re-release

  1. ” More importantly, everyone is anticipating the Oscars to end Pixar†s tragedy of 0 award in this category for a decade.

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