Pacino and De Niro Together Again

This Friday, the film Righteous Kill will be released. It is the first time since Heat that Robert De Niro and Al Pacino have appeared on film together. But while Heat was divided up in such a way that the two actor only shared a few scenes together. In Righteous Kill, they’re teamed up as police partners.

There are currently no reveiews released of the film on Rotten Tomatoes as of now, while I write this post. I honestly don’t know what the reviews are going to say. The trailer (see below) looks interesting, but I think the most exciting thing about it is the teaming up of Pacino and De Niro.

The writer, Russel Gerwitz isn’t very well known. His last project was Inside Man. That’s either a bad or good thing depending on who you are, but for many I guess it’s a good thing.

The director, Jon Avnet doesn’t have the best track record. His most recent film was 88 Minutes, which was critically panned and bombed at the box office.

I’d like to have high hopes for this one, but I don’t, and I won’t get my hopes up. Maybe I’ll be very pleasantly surprised.


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