I’ve been thinking lately. Writing reviews is obviously a lot of fun. I enjoy offering my voice on film criticism. But is it all I want to do with this blog? Why shouldn’t I be offering more? My recent post concerning the revival of the western and the upcoming film Appaloosa was, in a way, an experiment. And I liked it. Reporting about upcoming films. I’d love to keep doing it. Maybe weekly? I don’t know about daily. Every other day? I don’t know, really, I’ll have to see. But there are a lot of movies I’m looking forward to.

One thing I will most definitely be doing in the near future is starting to do coverage of the Oscars. By this I mean, predictions for films to be nominated, etc. I’ll be setting that up sometime soon. Oscar season hasn’t “officially” started, but from around mid-September up til and including December, films competing for Oscars begin being released. I’d also like to start back-tracking on the “10 Best” of past years. Those are things already in my head. I just need to a) write the reviews and b) post the lists. But it’s more work than you’d think at first. There are other things I would like to add to the site. But I need to figure out how to implement it all.

I must admit, politics is my distraction, and with the current political climate, the Republican Convention and all that jazz, that’s what a lot of my focus has been. Still, despite my addiction to the election, I got two reviews posted yesterday, Hancock and Iron Man. I’ll keep ’em coming!

To sum up, the things I’d like to implement for the site in the future:

-News updates on upcoming films.

-Oscar updates and predictions.

-Make and backtrack on “10 Best” lists of past years.

-Other, smaller changed and adjustments, perhaps?

I’d love to hear from anyone who reads or pays attention to the site to give their comments and feedback. Would be much appreciated. What do you think would make things more interesting, more engaging, etc.?


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