Review – Freddy Got Fingered

Freddy Got Fingered [2001]

Starring: Tom Green, Eddie Kaye Thomas, Drew Barrymore, Marisa Coughlan, Julie Hagerty
Director: Tom Green
Screenwriter: Tom Green, Derek Harvie

Is there a God? After watching Freddy Got Fingered, I couldn’t help but ask myself this question. How could any god allow this piece of decrepit filth to ever be made, let alone be released, and after that, allow anyone to watch it? Perhaps a better question would be: what person, in their right mind, would ever want to watch this? It raises questions that I’ve even seen it, considering it’s not my professional job to have done so. I truly pity those that have to experience this movie. I know I regret it. It’s perhaps the worst film I have ever seen.

I’m truly not sure how to summarize the “story”, as there never appeared to be one as I could see. It’s essentially Tom Green being Tom Green, and doing nothing of value whatsoever. The only point to this film seems to be how far Tom Green can go. There are no limits. The major flaw in the entirety of Tom Green’s being is that, it could work. If he were funny. Which he isn’t. He’s probably the most unfunny person I’ve ever seen. There is a small amount of story at the beginning, involving his parents and how truly disgustingly immature of a man he is. One wonders who could ever raise a child to be like that. But then again, someone raised Tom Green.

There’s a running gag: he meets a girl. But she’s disabled. So, instead of sex, she just likes to perform fellatio on him. A lot of it. Again, perhaps this gag could have worked. If Tom Green weren’t such a pathetic excuse for a comic. Then there’s a gag at the end involving an elephant and its penis. Why do we need this? What’s the point? In a medium like film, so much good, so much beauty, and so much wonder can be portrayed and achieved, and this movie is a complete waste.

Listen, I could go on and on about how bad this film is, and about how horribly unfunny it is. I could come up with numerous jokes and puns. I could be cynical and sarcastic for hundreds of words. But it would all amount to the same exact result: this movie is perhaps one of the worst films ever made. Don’t waste your time, life and energy giving validity to this shit.


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