Review – 300

300 [2007]

Starring: Gerard Butler, Vincent Regan, Lena Headey, David Wenham, Michael Fassbender
Director: Zack Snyder
Screenwriter: Zack Snyder, Kurt Johnstad, Michael B. Gordon

After the success of the brilliant Sin City, Frank Miller is up for grabs. Everyone wants a piece of him and his works. Granted, it’s with reason. He’s one of the greatest graphic novelists, and a wonderful storyteller. But should all of his works be translated to the big screen? 300 proves that the answer is “no”.

300 is a macho movie. It’s a summer flick for the wannabe steroid-pumped male teens. It, as most know, follows the stand of 300 Spartans against a massive army of Persians. And… There’s really not much to tell plot-wise, because that’s really all that happens. The Spartans learn of the impending Persian attack, and they set out to stave them off, knowing they’re all going to die.

The film is very faithful to Miller’s graphic novel. But is that necessarily a good thing? Just because it worked with Sin City does not mean it will work with 300, because it doesn’t. From what i can tell, around 95% of the film is all done in CGI, with the exception of a few Spartan’s faces. It’s unrealistic to the point of overflow. Where Sin City was able to use Miller’s style to enhance the storytelling, it just seems to fall flat in 300.

I get the idea here. I’ve read that it’s historically pretty accurate, in terms of the events that take place. It exaggerates things to a breaking point, though, such as the nine-foot tall Persian “god” Xerxes, and the numerous hoards of mythical-looking monsters. But there’s absolutely no human element to the entire film. It’s just a bunch of half-naked men who look like they came out of Schwartzeneggar’s  Pumping Iron, screaming and killing with massive amounts of gore.

I know that’s appealing to a mass number of males out there, especially the teens out there. But for me, the film holds no depth, and I was yawning and bored before the halfway mark.


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